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An artist who I absolutely love is Charlie Mackesy. I own a copy of his recent book 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse', and it is simply beautiful. His illustrations are fascinating and the story is lovely. I love the fluidity to his work, the simplicity of ink and how all the text is handwritten with a dip pen. 
His work inspires me greatly and I think this would be a good approach towards 'wild-life' drawing, drawing people on location, and urban sketching. Regarding the book itself, I will use his work as inspiration for my Lockdown Diary as this contains great fluidity and personality particularly with his use of hand writing, and the consistency throughout the book. 
<![CDATA[JORIS MUNIER]]>Sat, 17 Oct 2020 15:37:35 GMThttp://ailsaforrester.grillust.uk/research/joris-munierJoris Munier is a watercolour illustrator I have followed for some time on instagram. I absolutely love his attention to detail and his studies of people carrying out everyday tasks. His work provides such movement and personality which I admire. His instagram contains quick timelapse videos that show his process and development which I find really useful and fascinating.
<![CDATA[PHIL DEAN]]>Sun, 04 Oct 2020 11:09:13 GMThttp://ailsaforrester.grillust.uk/research/phil-deanPhil Dean, aka The Shoreditch Sketcher, is an amazing sketchbook artist. He originally trained as a graphic designer, when drawing was a much more essential part of the process than today. Phil Dean is inspired mainly by the vibrancy of urban landscapes, which motivates him to live sketch on location and capture the cityscapes. I find his attention for detail incredible - the stonework of architecture, the roofs. He states on his website, “You can’t beat live sketching on location. I’m interested to capture the spirit of the subject matter and that can only happen when you are drawing on site. I can use photographs as a reference, but the finished result never has as much character as a live sketch”. This is definitely something I will try and encourage myself to do more. He draws all of his line work live in situ and always adds colour post live sketch. From following his instagram I find he is also one who believes it isn't all about the vista, it's about capturing the intricate details. From his instagram you can also pick up plenty of tips on his use of materials. His line drawings are usually done with a spirit based marker, he says you could use any pigment liner pen but he likes to use Edding or Copic. To add colour he uses markers - Copic and Windsor & Newton. Quite often for brickwork he would use a Posca white pen as these are opaque. When colouring the pan tile roof tops he says the most effective method is to start with the mid colour and then add darker and lighter tones using marker, pencil and gouache.
<![CDATA[PATRICK VALE]]>Thu, 01 Oct 2020 14:35:13 GMThttp://ailsaforrester.grillust.uk/research/patrick-valePatrick Vale is a UK artist from Bristol, now living in NYC. I have followed Vale for a while on instagram, and I find his work fascinating. I love how he often shares his sketchbooks, and it's very clear he often draws on location. He works mainly with ink pens and fine liners, however he also produces paintings as well. It is his ink/pen drawings which draw attention to me the most due to their black and white intricacy - whereas his paintings provide a more surreal feel with their bold colours. 
This quote to the left is an image I found on his website, and I find this inspiring. He states his work is purely about the line - and as we can see from his work he uses a range of thickness of lines to allow contrast within his pieces, which I feel help the viewer read his illustrations. Despite being such still and mundane scenes, his pieces have so much personality and you can feel the movement through his use of loose lines. For me, Patrick Vale motivates me to do more location drawing and to allow myself to use my sketchbook more freely.